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WesternEyes is an editorial service to help non-Western businesspeople correspond in English with Western (USA) recipients. WesternEyes offers the service of editing business letters, web pages, press releases, sales letters, newsletters, brochures and other written documents to "Westernize" the text into a more familiar format for Western Eyes.

WesternEyes is not a translation service. Our editing and copywriting staff consists of experienced writers who are native to the United States. Together, our talents and experience includes: magazine publisher, managing editor, certified educational professionals, newspaper editor and reporter, authors of many articles, pamphlets and essays and commercial web site copywriting.

We are also business people, so we have a very real appreciation for the necessity of making that good first impression with your business correspondence.

For a full description of what this service is and to read about our great Introductory Offer, please click on How It Works in the menu to the left.

We have great admiration and respect for the efforts of Asian, Latin American, African, Middle-Eastern, European and other businesspeople to communicate in such an odd language as US English. The many nuances, colloquialisms, spellings and aspects of dialect and syntax make it obvious whether the writer is a native American or one who is doing their best with English as a secondary language.

WesternEyes will enhance those all-important first impressions by lending that winning impression of having a native Yank/Gringo on your team, in-house.

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