"WesternEyes" is a truly unique business and consulting firm that is dedicated to serving as an in-depth and comprehensive editorial
service that will help non-Western business people and their companies be able to correspond in everyday English language and its
pecularities with their Western (USA) clients and other correspondence recipients. .

Our firm is composed of experienced, educated and business-savvy personnel that are able to easily grasp your company's
needs, products, and sales goals and then quickly produce all types of your correspondence in a professional, concise, easy to understand
offering for your customers.

Our backgrounds and experience in private and public businesses, local, state, and federal government
operations at all levels give us a unique insight and ability so that we are able to offer and promote your businesses in a very positive and
appealing manner to whatever target audience you might require.

The editing staff at WesternEyes is composed of educated and experienced business people who are abundantly capable of understanding your company's goals. Collectively, our background and experience ranges from private to public business; local, state, and federal government operations; publishing, classroom teaching and the authoring of many successful publications.

WesternEyes is very well prepared to promote your businesses in a positive and appealing manner and will greatly boost your company's stature by lending the impression that you have at least one "Yank" or "Gringo" on board, and in-house.

Steve Harrison

-- Internet marketing consultant and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
specialist, 1995-2005, dba "Web Merlin Marketing."

-- Author of "Mastering the PPCs" -- a handbook on gaining the
maximum ROI (return on investment) for pay-per-click advertising
(2004-2008). Dba "Pay-Per Master."

-- Successful business-owner since 1987: Environmental Systems Distributing.

-- Commercial web site design and construction specialist:
        Terry Roy Custom Golf Bag Outfitters <www.terryroy.com>
        ESD Water Filters <www.esdwater.com>
        Mile High Hot Sauce <www.milehighhotsauce.com>

-- Publisher and Managing Editor of "The Jonboat Journal"
(1993-1995), an outdoor activity magazine sold to Midwest Outdoors in 1995.

-- Past board president Lincoln Elementary School PTO, Excellence in
Education Foundation, Citizens' Consulting Council to the (local) School Board.

-- BS in Education, 1972 (Zoology/Botany).

-- Former US Army Infantry Officer and Fixed-wing Aviator (1966-71).

-- Creator and owner of WesternEyes.

Paul Spangler

-- Retired military officer with over 21 years active federal service. Qualifications and military specialities included
aviation, military intelligence, combat developments and base operations. Directly supervised the daily garrison operations
of a major TRADOC installation with an annual operating budget (in 1988 dollars) of over one billion dollars.

-- City Manager of an Independent City within the Commonwealth of Virginia for over eighteen consecutive
years. Was responsible for the daily operation, administration and workday functions of nearly 900 personnel
and an annual budget in excess of 47 million dollars.

-- BA in History, 1968
BS in Management, 1982
MPA. in Management and Urban, State, and Federal Governance, 1984


Mark Temples

-- Lifelong journalist, reporter and featured article writer for a central Illinois newspaper. Now retired and ready to apply his vast wealth of copywriting skills and marketing savvy with WesternEyes.

-- Featured writer, ad copywriter and columnist with The Jonboat Journal newsprint magazine (1993-1995).

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