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As a way to introduce this new service to you, WesternEyes will edit a piece of your correspondence FREE! if accompanied by a paid editing job. Please note, the text copy for the FREE Introductory Offer may not be larger in word count than the text copy of the paid job. Get TWO jobs for the price of ONE with this sensational Introductory Offer. As an alternative, if you only have one piece of text that needs edited at this time, we will do that one piece for HALF PRICE. This is a one-time Introductory Offer.

Regular Business -- How It Works


As stated on our main welcome page, WesternEyes is NOT a translation service. We can work with your original text only if it is written in English. If you need actual translation services, pleasel post us an email and we'll be happy to refer you to a good one.

Ah, but simply translating your business message into English will always miss the mark, often times by a WIDE margin. We have worked with clients who simply used the Google Translate bot (automated translations), which in most cases will leave a LOT to be desired. Nevertheless, WesternEyes can work with that text even though the syntax will typically be butchered to a comical extent.

That's where WesternEyes comes in. Even a good job of translating your marketing message will nearly always turn out "flat" or lifeless. WesternEyes will convert that strained English into top a qualify and winning marketing message. We don't just repair broken syntax and correct grammar, we employ our combined decades of experience at marketing copywriting to make your business correspondence say what you really want it to say -- even though you may not have said it in your original text copy.

In short, we'll convert that butchered English translation into US English and enhance the marketing message beyond what you tried to express in your original copy. Translating any language can lose much of the important impact your original language message may have actually contained. WesternEyes will put it back in, even if it wasn't there to begin with.

We are business people first and foremost and we'll treat your business correspondence to the same marketing expertise we afford our own.


As there would be no way for us to reclaim edited materials once delivered, all work must be paid in advance.

You may supply copy of text to be edited by way of:

  • our secure online order form
  • a separate e-mail
  • a plain text file attached to an email (.txt with no graphics)
  • a MS Word or WordPerfect document attached to an email
  • regular postal service in typewritten text (hardcopy)
  • regular post on CD (PC format -- not MAC) in either plain text file (.txt) or .doc file format.
  • Once payment has been received and cleared, and original text copy has been received, we will deliver the edited product to you by whatever method you specify. If you wish for our work to be returned to you via hardcopy (professionally printed), there may be additional charges according to the number of copies you wish us to make for you, plus postage or shipping costs to return the materials to you.

    Professional letterhead printing services, graphic and logo design, mass mailings from a U.S. postal zone and a wide range of business correspondence services are also available at very economical rates. Please contact us via e-mail for other such business correspondence services.

    We guarantee your satisfaction and that all work will be completed and delivered back to you electronically (e-mail or file attachment to e-mail or FTP) within five (5) business days (Monday thru Friday). Note: if you specify postal system delivery back to you, the postmark date is guaranteed to be within five (5) business days of receipt of original copy and clearance of payment. We cannot guarantee the length of time postal delivery may be enroute to you.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the editing service of WesternEyes, we will either work with you until you are pleased or we will refund your purchase cost, less any shipping or postage charges incurred.

    Besides being accomplished copywriters, editors and journalists, we assure you that we are also experienced business people. If the wording of your original text is significantly altered, it will be to phrase your statement in familiar US English to accomplish your intended purpose and meaning.

    For any such expanded or what may appear to be creative editing, we will attach an accompanying note to explain our reasons. If we have any doubt about your intended meaning, we will correspond with you to assure our understanding.

    Again, your agreement and satisfaction is guaranteed and we will work with you to craft the correspondence so that it accomplishes the business goals you have set for it before we'll call the job done.


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